Centralized Resource for Coursesin the Guy Voyer Paradigm


Guy Voyer, DO

Who can take the courses?

  • The courses are open to all who what to learn. An open mind, great attitude and a willingness to learn are the only pre-requisites. A passion for and basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics are helpful, but certainly not necessary.

Can I take both SomaTrainer and SomaTherapy courses?

  •  All materials are developed by Guy Voyer, DO and have the same philosophical, bio-mechanical, anatomical and pedagogical roots. It’s safe to say trainers will benefit from therapy courses and vice versa.

Who is SomaFinder?

  • We are a dedicated group of students who practice the work of Guy VOYER, DO who want to make it easier for others to learn about Guy’s methodologies and how patients and clients can experience this work from qualified individuals worldwide.

Continuing Education Credits

  • Continuing education credits may be available for some professions. Contact the respective seminar host for details